Leffe's Place


Leffe: The Story

Hello friends.

My name is Leffe Pils and I'm a founder and the official mascot of Penguin Intercrosse & Lacrosse Society.
I'm a "King Penguin", born and raised on "Prince Edward Island" as the youngest of four children.
I have two brothers and one sister. Here is a picture of my family:

Pils Family

This picture was taken at my father's birthday, last summer.
The guy to the front right is my brother, Caffrey Pils. He's the family lens louse currently working as a stunt actor. His speciality is playing a dead penguin falling helplessly into the water, a very dramatic stunt.
Behind him is my dad followed by my mom. She's a little shy and do not like to have her picture taken.
The group in the middle behind my dad are my oldest brother and his wife together with my sister and her husband. The group to the back left are some of my parents' friends.
My father is a renowned fisherman running his own business on "Prince Edward": Pils Fishing Ltd.

I found an early interest in sports, and joined the local diving club at the age of one.
Half a year later we had a visit from my uncle Pivo, back from one of his expeditions to Canada.
He told ravelling stories about life on the northern hemisphere, and he also introduced the concept of ball-sports, something he had picked up on his journeys. His stories were intriguing and made me want to go out and see the world. And those ball-sports: I was hooked!

Two months later, I tagged along when uncle Pivo left for his next journey, this time to Europe.
We first arrived in a place called Spain, a beautiful country but unfortunately a little warm for my taste.
So we continued north, spent some time in France and Belgium and finally ended up in a country called Sweden.
I liked it so much that I decided to stay for a while. My uncle, restless as he is, wanted to go even further.
Last time I heard, he was on his way to the North Pole to visit some guy called Santa.

In Sweden I found a nice calm spot at the sea called Helsingborg where I still live today.
In 1997, human time, I hooked up with some maniacs on a local Burger King restaurant (I had the fish burger). They were carrying strange tools and called themselves intercrosse players.
I tagged along to try this thing out. Just weeks later, on the 18th of April, we founded our very own club:
"Penguin Intercrosse & Lacrosse Society". I'm especially satisfied with the abbreviation: PILS.
A tribute to my family back on "Prince Edwards Island".

During my time in Belgium I found my greatest passion in life: Beer.
My encounter with beer was actually a coincident.
I happened to visit a local restaurant and found a beer with my name on it. I just had to try it out.
Since then, I like beer. I like it a lot!