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Hello everyone, and welcome to my diary.
From time to time I will here post some stories from my life.

August 4th, 2002

Dear friends of PILS

The highlight of this year is over. The World Cup and World Games in Hungary was two really cool happenings and as you know we penguins like it cool. Since it's summer time I had to travel in my portable ice-machine so while you guys were sweating I drank ice cold beer in a nice ice-bath while looking at the games.

My trip to Szombathely went by train from Copenhagen through Hamburg and Vienna. On the trip I took the opportunity to visit some of my kin. First visit was to my uncle Pivo, who was one a short visit to Hamburg to take care of his bar. He looked a little restless though, a traveller as he is. His plan was to leave for northern Siberia on august 5th for a nice summer holiday. He just couldn't stand the heat, he said.

The trip continued to Vienna where I paid a visit to my cousin Murphy and his family. We went out to a local restaurant together with his two sons.

The final step of the journey proved to be the hardest one. We stepped on the wrong train in Györ when switching trains for Szombathely. The conductor didn't speak anything but Hungarian which is not really penguin-talk if you know what I mean. However, the conductor managed to find another passenger who spoke a little german, enough for us to understand where we had to get off. We ended up in the middle of nowhere, but fortunately another train arrived to take us to Szombathely only two hours later than expected. Pretty nice people those Hungarians.

We arrived in Szombathely just in time to watch the semi-finals of the World Cup. The evening was dedicated to the gala dinner for the World Cup, good food, and great performances by dancers showing traditional Hungarian dances.

The next day we watched the World Cup finals. In the evening it was time for the drawing of teams for the World Games.

Then games, games, games mixed with beer, beer, beer… The evenings contained stories for a later column.

Finally I just have to comment the "Penguin Of The Year Award".
This year was really a tight one. We in the jury really had a tough discussion about the winner but we think we made a fine choice. Sylvain Perron was the man of the evening. My personal award went to previous "Penguin Of The Year" winner Urban Müller. He is such a clown. I just had to give him another award…
The naughty and clumsy penguins were not very hard to find though.

So now it is a whole year until next time, in Montreal 2003.
Prepare yourself now! Until then we'll meet on the net!

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