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January 28th, 2006

Dear inter-crosse friends,

It has now gone half a year since we met at the incredible World Games in Malmö.
Now when it is winter (on the northern hemisphere at least) we all need to sit down in a comfortable chair with a good drink with bubbles in a glass (beer) and remember the "good old days".

  • Remember the opening ceremony - the thrill of which team you get to play with - the meeting with old and new friends - the "test" with famous Swedish persons.
  • Remember the stupid Swedish games on the second day of the tournament. Sack-jumping, "Skiing" and the unforgettable "Irish christmas".
  • Remember the stupid Swedish game Kubb on the third day (for those who missed out on the FIIC annual meeting).
  • Remember the extremely tasty Swedish cookies ("Gille" rules!).
  • Remember the excentric Swedish vikings in Foteviken on the fourth day and the strange Swedish buffé you got for dinner.
  • Remember the parties in room... (uuhh can't remember after all that beer) ...or in the shared floor accommodation... or in the basement of the hotel ... or anywhere else for that matter.
  • Remember the good looking Swedish girls and guys.
    It seems "Red Bull" was a very popular drink... ;-)
    What can I say - its Sweden.
  • Last but not least, remember the best closing ceremony ever!
    • the pictures which distracted us when eating.
    • the winning team singing and dancing like "queens" to ABBA:s "Dancing Queen".
    • the crash-course in the Swedish language.
    • the taste of the delicious Swedish salted liquorice - "Djungelvrål".
    • the surprised winners at the 5th Penguin Of The Year awards.

These are all wonderful memories from a wonderful week in August 2005.
What is your finest memory from this week? Send me an e-mail at leffe@intercrosse.net .

For me there is one thing that really sticks out as the best memory; your almost religious cheering and worshiping of me before your games. I liked that! Keep up the good work!

But it is all six months ago now and unfortunately there is no going back.
The only thing we can do is to wait another six months and go to Kiev, Ukraine.
There we will experience another World Games, with new memorable moments, another Penguin Of The Year ceremony and who knows what else.

Now, what have I been up to the past six months you ask.
- Well, right after the World Games I needed a vacation so I took a swim over to Iceland where the climate was a little more "penguin friendly". To my surprise I met my restless uncle Pivo at the first bar I stepped into.
He was just stopping by on Iceland before continuing his explorations at the north pole.

He said he got the idea from a guy called "Santa Claus" and he heard there had never been a penguin on the north pole so... Well, you know my uncle by now. When I got back to Sweden in october I got a postcard with my uncle's picture taken at the north pole. He never said who took the picture though...

Next, I went to visit my parents on Prince Edwards Island for the christmas and new year holliday. I just came back a couple of weeks ago and have since then been contemplating on last years World Games while sitting on a balcony in the nice -6 degrees (Celsius) winter climate here in Sweden.

Anyway, that's all from me at the moment but do not forget; come to Kiev!!!
I need more of that worshiping stuff... :-)

Have a great time and see you all in Kiev...

Your mascot