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Newsletter April 7,2005

Hello everybody!

Here is another information letter from Penguin Intercrosse...
Our headlines;

  1. Czech Republic double World Champions
  2. What's going on with the World Games?
  3. FIIC 20 years!
  4. FIIC Super Seminar


1. Czech Republic double World Champions

The Czech Republic lived up to their favourism and claimed the
World Champion title i both the men's and women's divisions when the
World Cup tournament ended on 3 April.

In the men's tourmanent the Czechs won against Italy in the final 30-11
while France claimed the bronze medal winning over Slovak Republic
in the match for 3rd place 23-17.

In the women's division Czech Republic won a tight final against Canada
19-17 and Hungary claimed the bronze after a 33-18 victory over France.


2. What's going on with the World Games?

The 18th edition of the FIIC Intercrosse World Games is getting closer.
At the time of this writing there are 42 registered participants from 6 countries
and we currently have indications on at least 20 more registrations within
the next few weeks.

However we are not satisfied. We want more!

You who have participated in World Games before know what a great event this is.
Now we ask you to help us spread the word making this the best World Games ever!
Bring your friends and show them what this sport is really like!

The deadline for registration is 31 May.
It may be possible to register later than that provided that space is available.

If you have any questions regarding the World Games please contact;

Tobias Almén

... or visit our website

2.1 More goalkeepers needed!

As is more or less customary nowadays it seems to be very few goalkeepers
registering for the World Games. In order for the tournament to be successful
we need at least 8 goalkeepers and at the moment there are only 2 registered
so we need your help here!

Please, if at all possible, register yourselves as goalkeepers, you will do us all
a great favour.


3. FIIC 20 years!

The Fédération Internationale d'Inter-Crosse (FIIC) was created in Paris in May 1985.

We in Penguin Intercrosse would like to congratulate the FIIC on its 20th birthday.
To celebrate the 20 years we also promise to throw a proper party at the
World Games in Malmö.


4. FIIC Super Seminar

To celebrate the 20 years in operation, the FIIC board of directors decided to
do something special for the members.

As a result a "super seminar" was planned. The purpose of this event is to
educate the members in everything from administrating a national federation
to coaching.

The "Super Seminar" will be held in conjunction with the World Games in Malmö
starting on the arrival day of the World Games (1 August) and ending on 4 August.

The seminar consist of a set of workshops which will be held in parallel with the
World Games tournament. In order for those playing in the World Games to be able
to attend all workshops, each workshop will be scheduled twice during the week.

Registration to the seminar is made on arrival in Malmö and the registration fee
is 10 € per participant (or 100 SEK for those that prefer paying in Swedish currency).

Further details about the seminar will be posted on the FIIC website; soon...


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