Penguin Of The Year


During the World Games in Sursee, Switzerland in 2004 the "Penguin Of The Year" award was presented for the 4th consecutive year. The winner was Marcus Henriksson from Sweden, the first Swedish player to receive the honourable award.

Here are some photos of the lucky winner:

Penguin Of The Year 2004 - Photos

In addition to the grand award following minor awards were presented:

Penguin Rookie Of The Year 2004
Given to the player attending his/her first World Games and
that best meets the "Penguin Of The Year" criteria.


Henning Kittel, Germany


Naughty Penguin Of The Year
Simply for being naughty...


Michaela Krohn, Germany


Penguin Of The Year 2004 - Leffe's Choice Award
To a player for exraordinary enthusiasm and
achievements in the spirit of intercrosse.


Magnus Gustavsson, Sweden


Clumsy Penguin Of The Year Award
To a player for handling an awkward situation as it suits an intercrosse player: with a glint in the eye.


Jose Guiot, Switzerland


Penguin Of The Year Special Award for Fair Play
For fair play.


Petra Puldova, Czech Republic


Penguin Of The Year Special Award
For constantly being on the move.


Paolo Scaccabarozzi, Italy