Penguin Of The Year


The ninth edition of the Penguin Of The Year award was presented at the closing ceremony of the World Games in Ratingen, Germany, on August 6, 2010.

This the 9th award was presented to Clément Michoud from France.

Here are some photos of the award winners:

All award winners 2010

(Photo: Moritz Pietrass)


Penguin Of The Year 2010
Given to the player with the best "Penguin spirit", meaning
good sportsmanship and perfect social skills.

Clément Michoud, France

(Photo: Liza Schröder)

In addition to the grand award following minor awards were presented:

Penguin Rookie Of The Year 2010
Given to the player attending his/her first World Games and
that best meets the "Penguin Of The Year" criteria.

Nora Pietrass, Germany

(Photo: Nora Pietrass)

Naughty Penguin Of The Year
Simply for being naughty...

Manuel Bonacina, Italy

(Photo: Liza Schröder)

Penguin Of The Year 2010 - Leffe's Choice Award
To a player for exraordinary enthusiasm and
achievements in the spirit of intercrosse.

Sebastian Krabbe, Germany

Special "Huggy Penguin" Award
For wanting to hug the whole world.

Erik Abäck, Sweden