"Penguin Of The Year" is an annual award presented to the player participating in the World Games who best meets the following criteria:

The player with the best "Penguin Spirit", meaning good sportsmanship and perfect social skills. He/she should practise the M.A.R.C. rules to perfection both on and off the court.

The winner must meet the above criteria during the whole World Games tournament.

You can read about the rules for this award on the "Penguin Of The Year Award Rules" page.

The last award ceremony was held on August 4 2010 in Prague, Czech Republic.
At this ceremony the "Penguin Of The Year 2012" was awarded Stefano Giozzi from Italy.

See pictures of the last award winners on our "Penguin Of The Year 2012" page.

Here are the past "Penguin Of The Year Award" winners:

Year Winner
2012 Stefano Giozzi, Italy
2011 Agathe Andrieu, Québec
2010 Clément Michoud, France
2009 Christian Treis, Germany
2008 Olivier Cloutier-Charboneau, Québec
2007 Tereza Koubová, Czech Republic
2005 Héléne Putod, France
2004 Marcus Henriksson, Sweden
2003 José Guiot, Switzerland
2002 Sylvain Perron, Québec
2001 Urban Müller, Switzerland

Lifetime Honorary Penguins

On special occasions, the Penguin award jury presents a lifetime honorary penguin award to persons involved with intercrosse to reward them for their work.

Over the years, three honorary awards have been presented;

In 2007, the resigning FIIC president and creator of intercrosse, Pierre Filion, was awarded the first honorary penguin award. As creator of the sport and co-founder of the FIIC, this was only a small token of appreciation from the intercrosse community.

In 2009, Floriana Cotnoir Ranno, Italy, was given the honorary award for her dedication and hard work with development of intercrosse internationally over the past 25 years.

In 2011, the 10th anniversary of the Penguin Of The Year Award, Martin Beaulieu, Québec, was given the honorary award for his long dedication to intercrosse in general and the rules in particular.


Extra awards

In addition to the grand prize, the "Penguin Of The Year Award", the award ceremony introduces some extra awards. These are kept a secret and may vary over the years.


Here are the extra awards that has been used:

Award Criteria
Penguin Rookie Of The Year Given to the player attending his/her first World Games and that best meets the "Penguin Of The Year" criteria.
Penguin Suck-Up Of The Year Given to the player/players that are best at sucking-up to the jury by giving them bribes.
Naughty Penguin Of The Year

Given to the a player showing his/her "Naughty" side during the games.
The reason for receiving this award is kept a secret since the jurors practice the M.A.R.C. values to perfection.

Clumsy Penguin Of The Year

To a player for handling an awkward situation as it suits an intercrosse player: with a glint in the eye.

Leffe's Choice

To a player for exraordinary enthusiasm and achievements in the spirit of intercrosse.

Fair Play

For fair play.

Past award ceremonies

Click one of the links below to see detailed information on the previous award ceremonies:

2012 - Prague, Czech Republic
2011 - Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy
2010 - Ratingen, Germany
2009 - Szombathely, Hungary
2008 - Prievidza, Slovakia
2007 - Ratingen, Germany
2005 - Malmö, Sweden
2004 - Sursee, Switzerland
2003 - Montréal, Canada
2002 - Szombathely, Hungary
2001 - Spa, Belgium