Penguin Of The Year


Below you may find answers to some common questions about the "Penguin Of The Year" award:

What is this crazy award anyway?

We like to see it as the "Nobel Prize" of intercrosse. Nothing fancy...

Can I nominate players myself?

Nominations will be accepted by the jury during the World Games, and the winner will be announced at the closing ceremony of the games.

Can I nominate myself?

Of course!
However, in order to nominate yourself you need to pay the self-nomination fee, consisting of one beer per juror.
The jurors themselves may choose the beer of their liking. (Thus, self-nominations are preferred. ;-) )

Who is eligible for this prestigious award?

Apart from the jurors, anyone participating in the World Games meeting the above criteria is eligible for the award.

(Note: Each of the jurors already has perfect knowledge in the skills required. This is why they cannot be nominated for the award.)

Who are in the jury?

The jury consist of the three senior penguins;
Tobias Almén, Therése Eriksson and Mikael Eriksson or their assigned representatives.

How do I identify the jurors so that I can bribe them?

Everyone knows the jurors and the jurors knows everyone (almost)!
But in the improbable event of anyone NOT knowing who the jurors are, just ask someone else :-).

Which dirty tricks are allowed trying to win the award?

Pretty much everything is allowed, but since the award requires perfect M.A.R.C. skills it is highly unlikely that a person using dirty tricks will actually win the award.
However, the jurors will look kindly on the nominees (and friends of the nominees) buying them beer :-)

What can I win?

The prize is a secret, kept in a safe place during the tournament. It will be revealed only at the award ceremony.

Apart from the secret, invaluable prize the winner will of course get all the recognition he/she deserves.
The winner's photograph will be published on the front page of the Penguin Intercrosse website during one year.