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This "Tips & Tricks" subsection gives you some examples and tips on how to improve your game by demonstrative exercises and training tips from other players worldwide.

If you have an exercise or any other tip you wish to share with us please don't hesitate to send it to us by e-mail at contact@intercrosse.net. We depend on your participation. The more tips we get the better for everyone.

The exercises below are graded in three levels of skill:

This section is for you that have just begun playing or is thinking of trying it out.
The exercises concentrate on the basics in intercrosse such as passing/catching, basic stick handling et cetera.

This section is for you that have played for a year or two and have a good knowledge of the game in general. The exercises are concentrated on more advanced stick handling, game understanding and basic tactics.

This section is for you that have played for a long time and have "expert" knowledge of the game.
The exercises are highly focused on tactics and cooperation.

NOTE! Before using any of the exercises at the "Expert" skill level you should have read the corresponding tactics in our "Tips & Tricks - Tactics" section.

Here are the currently available exercises:

No Name Level
1 Pick-up line drill 1 Beginner
2 Pick-up line drill 2 Beginner
3 Cross pass 1 Intermediate
4 Sharp shooting Intermediate
5 Position switching Intermediate
6 Give and go 1 Intermediate
7 Quick passes Intermediate
8 The star Intermediate
9 Shooting relay Beginner
10 Pick-up + shot Beginner
11 Cross pass 2 Intermediate
12 Give and go 2 Intermediate
13 One-on-one Beginner
14 Goalkeeper movement Intermediate
15 Attack build-up 1 Intermediate
16 Line drill 1 Beginner
17 Stick handling Beginner
18 Stick handling: Relay Beginner
19 Stick handling : "The snake" Beginner
Click the exercise name to view its details.
All the exercises are also available as a document for downloading
on our downloads page.