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With the initiation of the World Cup, intercrosse went from a social sport played merely for the exercise, to a competitive sport where results are important. As a competitive sport more focus is placed on tactics.

This section is meant to be a tactical guide. Tactics is not an absolute knowledge. The tactics described in the sections below are therefore only personal opinions on how the game is to be played. They are not to be considered the "best" or the "only" alternative but just a guide to one way to play.

Tactics are a difficult part to learn in any game. It takes a considerable amount of time to learn all the moves and to get the players to know each other well enough for a certain tactic strategy to work.
Having this in mind one should not expect that tactic training have immediate effect.

If you have some tactics you feel have worked well for yourself and your team don't hesitate to share them with us. Just mail them to us and they will be added to this section.
If you have some exercises to simplify training your tactic moves please attach them.
We would also like your comments on the tactics described here. What's good and what's bad?
Our e-mail: contact@intercrosse.net.

The tactics here are divided into the following subsections:

  1. Defence tactics
    Tactics to be used during defensive play.
  2. Attacking tactics
    Tactics to be used during offensive play.
  3. Team tactics
    Overall tactics to be used during the entire game.