Welcome to our "Tips & Tricks" section.
This is the place to go if you need help with your intercrosse training, some tactical tips or maybe just a run-through on the rules.

We have divided this section into four subsections:

  1. How to
    This subsection contains tips and descriptions on how to perform different technical moves.
    If there's some new technique you would like to learn, this is where you should start.
    Of course you can also find information on the basics in intercrosse such as stick handling and passing/catching.
  2. Exercises
    This subsection contains exercises you may use to improve your game.
  3. Tactics
    This subsection contains tips on different tactical moves.
  4. Rules
    This subsection contains discussions and examples on the different sections in the current rulebook.
    You may also find the complete rulebook for reading or for dowloading.
    Eventually we will also have tips for referees on how to interpret different situations.