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World Cup 2004 - Sursee, Switzerland

The 2004 World Cup of intercrosse was held in Sursee, Switzerland between July 9th and 14th.

More information on this event can be found on the official homepage of the event: http://www.intercrosse.ch/wm04

A total of seven teams participated in this the 6th edition of the men's World Cup.
The womens World Cup was held for the fourth time and four teams participated.

New this year was that Québec and Canada merged their teams into one.

In the men's tournament the teams were divided into two groups:

Men Teams
Group A Group B
Switzerland France
Italy Czech Republic
Canada Hungary
Slovak Republic -

The four teams in the women's tournament were:

Women Teams
Czech Republic

Since Czech Republic was unable to attend the World Cup last year in Montréal, they sure had revenge to claim this year. They presented very strong teams in both the men's and women's tournament and was early appointed as favourites.

Living up to being the favourites, Czech Republic won the men's tournament claiming their third World Champion title by winning against Canada in the final 25-22. The women's tournament ended in the same way with Czech Republic winning against Canada in the final 19-11.