World Cup

Although intercrosse is a primarily a social sport the need of a higher level of competition was argued by many of the players for many years. These wishes were fulfilled in 1999, when FIIC arranged the first World Cup in Audergem, Belgium.

The latest World Cup tournament was held in Kriens, Switzerland, July 15 - 20 2008.


Upcoming World Cup Tourmanents

The location of the next World Cup tournament to be held in 2010 has not yet been decided.

This tournament will be the 10th anniversary of the World Cup tournament since its start in 1999.


Previous World Cup Tourmanents

Here are some further information and results from the previous World Cup tournaments.

If you have any information or photos from any of the World Cup tournaments please contribute to our site by
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2008 - Kriens, Switzerland

2006 - Szombathely, Hungary

2005 - Prague, Czech Republic

2004 - Sursee, Switzerland

2003 - Sherbrooke, Québec

2002 - Szombathely, Hungary

2001 - Lecco, Italy

2000 - Kostelec nad Cernými lesy, Czech Republic

1999 - Audergem, Belgium