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World Games 1997

The 11th intercrosse World Games were held in Manchester, England, July 31st -August 3rd, 1997.
Approximately 100 players attended the games played at the Manchester Velodrome.


The tournament

As usual the drawing of teams took place the evening before the start of the games.
This year every player got a numbered ticket upon arrival.
The number was then used to draw the different teams.

You can find pictures of all teams in our gallery, just one click away.

The final was played between Burgundy and Yellow, a very tight game where the yellow team won.


Between matches

Each day started early with breakfast, coach ride to the velodrome an then the games.
The games ended around 3pm when the coach took everybody back to the residences for dinner and entertainment.
Everybody got together to enjoy each others company and perhaps a nice game of "kiri-kiki" (how do you spell that anyway?).

The second evening was the international evening where each country presented a song or game to amuse the already happy audience. Singing was the most popular theme. The German delegation however presented their own version of the five foundations of intercrosse Movement, Anatomy, Respect and Communication (M.A.R.C.). Rick Cotgreave and Jim Walton set the English colours high with an extraordinary theatrical performance showing an ordinary day in Rick Cotgreave's life.

The third and last evening was spent on a local pub called "Footage and Firkin" with lots of dancing.