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World Games 1999

The 12th World Games were held in Villeneuve d'Ascq near Lille in northern France, June 30th - July 4th, 1999. Two different categories were held:

  1. Junior
  2. Senior

To see the results from the games just move on over to "World Games 1999 - Results".

The number of participants were not as high as espected which reduced the number of teams to seven senior and three junior teams.

If you have any further information or photos from the World Games in Villeneuve d'Asc,
please e-mail them to us at contact@intercrosse.net.


About the games

The games were held within the range of the greater "Sports and Culture Festival" held in Villeneuve d'Ascq hosting many different sports from many countries. Also, the games were now held during four days in stead of three like in Manchester.

The opening ceremony for the World Games was held on Wednesday June 30th traditionally including the drawing of teams. On Thursday it was time to start playing games. Early breakfast, long day of playing with a break for lunch. In the evening the opening ceremony for the sports and culture festival took place. In an olympic manner the different nations' delegations marched into the stadium.

Friday and Saturday went on in almost the same manner: early breakfast, games, lunch and more games.
Saturday evening the players arranged a party of their own with the famous intercrosse atmosphere. You can see the photos in our gallery.

Sunday was dedicated to the finals. Unfortunately since there number of teams were odd one team did not get to play the last day. After the final a short closing ceremony was held before everyone started their trip home.

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