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World Games 2000

The 15th World Games was held at the "Physical Education College" in Szombathely, Hungary,
July 28th - August 1st 2002.

World Games was held directly after the World Cup enabling the participants to view the World Cup games.

We have a lot of pictures from this event in our gallery:
"World Games 2002 Gallery".

A ususal the first night was dedicated to the drawing of teams.
In total, ten teams were created out of eighty participants.

The teams was divided into two pools where every team played all the other teams once. The first and second teams in each group went on to play semi-finals and finals while the others played for positions 5-10.

Monday July 29th was the first day of games. Each team played two games and the evening was dedicated to a disco.

Tuesday July 30th was the second day of games where the teams played another two matches completing the preliminary round.

The third day started with the semi-finals between the first and second teams of each group, followed by
matches for 9th-10th, 7th-8th and 5th-6th respectively. In the evening a gala dinner was arranged with hungarian dancing and traditional gypsy music. During the gala dinner, Penguin Intercrosse held the award cermony for the "Penguin Of The Year Award" which you can read more about on the
"Penguin Of The Year 2002" page of this site.

The final day started with the match for 3rd followed by the final.
To conclude the games a closing ceremony was held were all players received a medal for their participation.