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World Games 2003

The 16th edition of the World Games was held in Montréal, Québec, Canada between August 11th and
August 15th 2003.

Official logo of the 16th Intercrosse World GamesMore information, including pictures from this event can be found on: http://www.crossemontreal.com

The first day of the games was the traditional arrival day where the opening banquet was held at the Montréal Pavillon. Ten teams were drawn and divided into two pools.

About 100 players attended the games which was some 30 or so less than expected since the African delegates did not receive their visas.

Group A
Group B
Denim team
Blue team
Yellow team
Kiwi team
Maroon team
Black team

Green team

Red team

Purple team

Sand team
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and the names of the players.

The second day started off at nine with the first round of games ending at 16:00.
After the games the organisers arranged a 5-to-7 cocktail party at the hotel where everyone could relax after a long hard day of intercrosse.The evening was dedicated to dinner at "Cathédrale Marie-Reine du Monde".

Day three started in the same way with games starting at nine. However the games ended a little earlier at 14:00 in order for everyone to get ready for one of two choices for sightseeing in Montréal.
One group went to the Olympic tower and the Biodrome and the other to a guided tour of the Montréal underground city with ice-skating!
Dinner was then served at "Ben's Deli" a traditional deli in Montréal.

On the fourth day the games went on from 09:00 to 16:00. The teams ending up in second and third place in each of the two pools played for a place in the semi-finals against the winners of each pool. After the games
Another 5-to-7 cocktail party was held after the games at the hotel.
The evening started off with dinner at "Le Pierrot" a restaurant in central Montréal followed by a social night at the adjoining pub "Le Deux Pierrots". This was the real party of the games with lots of dancing and cheering.

The fifth and final day started with the finals. After the games everyone went on the bus to a traditional Québecian evening at "Sucrerie de la Montagne" for the closing ceremony.
Traditional Québecian food was on the table as well as lots of maple syrup. The maple syrup was filled in what looked like wine bottles which fooled some of the attendants... :-)

During the evening Penguin intercrosse held its annual award ceremony for the "Penguin Of The Year" awards.
The ceremony started off as usual with the special awards, this year given to Manuela Küng from Switzerland as the "Penguin Rookie Of The Year" and Steve Gendre for "Penguin Of The Year Special Award: Fair Play".

Finally the grand prize was awarded José Guiot of Switzerland as the "Penguin Of The Year 2003".

Perhaps because of his award, José was "randomly" selected to a "Lord of the axe" trial.
José was aked to take his shoes and socks off. He was then blindfolded and given an axe to try to cut a stick in half. What José didn't know (but everyone else looking) was that the stick was replaced with his socks.
Let's just say he earned the "Lord of the axe" title as well... :-)

Dancing was also a part of the evening which ended at midnight when the last bus left for the hotel.