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World Games 2004 - Sursee, Switzerland

The 17th edition of the World Games was held in Sursee, Switzerland, July 14th - 19th 2004.

You can find pictures from this event in our "World Games 2004 - Gallery".

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As usual the games started with an opening ceremony which was held in "Stadthalle", the arena where the games were played. The ceremony started with a Swiss group dressed in folklore clothes playing the traditional Swiss bells. Next the event head organiser, Stephan Lang invited everyone to the games and declared them open. The evening went along with the traditional drawing of teams. This year only 50 players attended which forced the organisers to adjust the number of teams to six and the number of matches accordingly.

On the second day, matches were played from 09:00 to 19:30 with a break for lunch.
The evening was used for socialising and for the FIIC annual meeting, for those concerned.

The third day commenced in the same fashion with games starting at 09:00 and ending at 16:00. After dinner at the hall, the organisers drove everybody to a nearby lake for an evening of socialising.
One table was dedicated to the now well known game called "Kiri-kiki".
Everyone had a lot of fun, singing, cheering and making new friends.

On the fourth day games continued from 09:00 but stopped earlier since everyone was to be taken to Luzern for a couple of hours of sightseeing followed by a dinner and a night out on the town.

The fifth day went on with the final matches starting at 13:00 where the teams played for their respective final position in the tournament.

After the final game, the closing ceremony and dinner was held at "Stadthalle". All teams got their recognition and well deserved applause. A local band called "ChueLee" help everyone get in the right mood.

As usual the Penguin Of The Year Award ceremony was held. This year, the nominees for the different awards were well concealed which caused many to wonder about who was to recevie the honourable award.

The ceremony started out with the special award for fair play which was presented to Petra Puldova from Czech Republic. Next a new special award was presented to Paolo Scaccabarozzi from Italy for his energy during the matches. The third award, "Clumsy Penguin Of The Year" was given to the former "Penguin Of The Year" José Guiot from Switzerland. Just one word of advice to José; next year book your accommodation well in advance.

"Rookie Penguin Of The Year" was awarded Henning Kittel from Germany.
Henning was the third player from Germany to recevie this award.

The "Leffe's Choice Award" was presented to Magnus Gustavsson from Sweden.

The last special award to be presented was one that some had waited anxiously for; the "Naughty Penguin Of the Year Award". Let's just say a certain record holder in this category was relieved to see that the award had finally been given to someone else namely Michaela Krohn from Germany, as usual without any explanation from the jury.

To finish off the award ceremony, the grand prize, the "Nobel Prize of Intercrosse"; "Penguin Of The Year 2004" was given to the surprised Marcus Henriksson from Sweden. Marcus is the first Swedish player to receive the award.