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World Games 2010 - Ratingen, Germany

22nd Intercrosse World Games, Germany, 2010

The 22nd edition of the Intercrosse World Games was held in Ratingen in Hungary, 2 - 7 August 2010.

The final results from the matches can be found at the "World Games 2010 - Results" page.

You can also find more information about this event on the organisers' website; intercrosse.de.

Monday, August 2

Arrival was scheduled to Monday, August 2, with the evening scheduled for the customary opening ceremony of the World Games. After a delicious dinner buffet, the drawing of teams was held.
Eight teams were drawn with 10 players in each team.
After the drawing of teams, the party moved to the pub in the basement of ASC Ratingen. A customary World Games party with good company and of course some "Kiri-kiki".

Tuesday, August 3

The second day; Tuesday, was the first day of matches starting at 09:00 and finishing at 17:00.
After dinner, everyone met for a small excursion starting with a short bus ride and then a boat trip to Düsseldorf where the evening was spent in the pubs of Düsseldorf old town. The boat trip was a real treat with constant waving and shouting towards the surprised spectators along the shore. There was even some karaoke leaving many of the participants with a sore throat the next morning.

Wednesday, August 4

Wednesday continued with first round matches from 09:00 to 18:40.
For some of the participants, the evening was dedicated for the FIIC annual meeting. For the rest; the ASC Ratingen pub opened its doors for more traditional intercrosse socialising. The party ended in pure happiness where some people just couldn't get enough of hugs while others were desperately trying to avoid them.

Thursday, August 5

The Thursday schedule contained second round matches from 09:00 to 18:20.
The evening was scheduled to contain some small team competitions but these had to be cancelled. Instead, the party moved indoors with "Kiri-kiki", dancing and other joyful events.

Friday, August 6

Then came Friday; the final day of matches and the day of the closing ceremony.

Final matches were played from 10:30 to 17:50 starting with the game for 7th place and ending with the final.

The organisers had chosen not to present any special awards as had been done previous years with one exception; the referees.
The referees are usually forgotten when it comes to awards which was the reason for the award given to Zdenek Sedmik from Czech Republic.

Next, the teams were presented with a World Games medal and a worthy tribute in the form of well deserved applauds.

Finally, it was time for the Swedish delegation and the... guess what..."Penguin Of The Year" awards!

This was the 9th time the Penguin award was presented and as usual the ceremony started off with some minor awards to people worthy of respect and praise.
The first award to be presented was the "Huggy Penguin Of The Year" which was given to a somewhat surprised but happy Erik Abäck from Sweden for his enthusiastic hugging during the Wednesday night party.

Next, the "Rookie Penguin Of The Year" was presented to Nora Pietrass from Germany.

The Penguin mascot, Leffe, then saw his special "Leffe's Choice" award be presented to Sebastian Krabbe from Germany for his great work with organising the tournament - a worthy winner indeed!

The much awaited "Naughty Penguin Of The Year" was awarded Manuel Bonacina from Italy and as usual, the jury refrained from specifying the reason as the gentlemen they are. :-)

Then came the grand award; the "Penguin Of The Year".
This, the Nobel price of intercrosse was presented to Clément Michoud from France.

The final night then continued at the ASC Ratingen pub with dancing, joint singing (or randomly shouting to famous songs if you will) and of course "Kiri-kiki". Mr "Huggy Penguin" started off his party by selling 2 hugs for one beer. There was even some shirtless dancing for the ladies.