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July 24th, 2003

Dear penguin fans,

It has been quite some time now since I updated my diary, and boy have I got things to tell...

Let's take the best news first. I'm in love!
I was on my way swimming down to Prince Edwards Island to visit the folks together with my uncle Pivo.
On the way, we made a pit-stop on the Canary Islands, a group of small Spanish islands outside the coast of Morocco. It was while we were checking into our hotel that I saw her. It was love at first sight.

Just take a look at the pictures, isn't she gorgeous?

Her name is Stella!

We spent two wounderful weeks together on the Canary Islands before we decided it was too hot for penguins and continued together down south to visit my folks. As it turns out she also had kin on Prince Edwards Island. Her brother worked as a diving instructor there and he knew my father very well.
The world really is a small place.

One of the best things about this georgeous creature is that she shares my greatest passion in life: Beer!

Now, all I have to do is to introduce her to intercrosse and the best place to do that is of course
in Montréal this august. I will, of course, attend the 16th World Games. Can't miss out on that!

This is actually the first time for me in Canada. I wasn't familiar with intercrosse when the World Games were last held in there in 1996.

We're planning on travelling around a bit. One of the planned stops are the Niagara Falls.
When I told my uncle this, he dared me to surf down the falls, but happily I didn't take that bet.
Full of stories as he is, my uncle, he told me about a friend of his that actually did that.
Apparently he was the last penguin seen flying!

Anyway, I have a few awards to deliver so I hope you will all be on your best behaviour.
That is, unless you're shooting for the naughty penguin award of course.

Your mascot