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Number: 5
Exercise: Position switching
Skill level: Intermediate
Tactics: None.
Moments: Stick handling: Switching hands, Passing, Catching, Shooting

Divide the players into three lines starting from the short end of the court.
The players in the middle line start with the ball. Player A pass the ball out the side to player C, then moves out the side taking the two players switch places. Player C moves into the centre and pass the ball on to player B moving along the other side. Player C continues out the sideline then running along that side. Player B in turn moves into the centre getting ready to pass the ball on to player A etc.
When reaching the goal the player who is currently in the middle shoots at the goal.

After each pass the passer should accelerate in order to move in front of the player with the ball.


Make sure the players on the sides hold their cross the right way. When running along the right side they should hold their cross with a right-handed grip and when running along the left side with a left-handed grip.

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