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Number: 11
Exercise: Cross pass 2
Skill level: Intermediate
Tactics: None.
Moments: Stick handling, Passing, Catching, Shooting, Goalkeeping
Divide the players into two lines positioned in each of the corners in one end of the court.
The players in one of the lines have one ball each.
The first player in each of the lines starts running along the sides one of them with a ball.
While running they pass the ball between each other until they reach the other end.
Just before the last pass, the player without the ball cuts into the centre of the court, receives the pass and shoots directly. Both players run back to take last position in the opposite line.
  • Make sure the players hold their cross in front of them at all times during both catching and throwing.
    This means that the player on the right side must hold the cross using a right-handed grip and
    the player on the left side using a left-handed grip.
  • When passing, aim a few meters in front of the other player.
    After delivering a pass the players should accelerate in order to move in front of the player on the other side.
  • The shot should be made directly, if possible.
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