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Number: 13
Exercise: One-on-one
Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate
Tactics: Defence tactics
Moments: Shooting, Stick handling, Goalkeeping

Divide the players into two lines placed diagonally facing each other in two corners.
Place one defender in the middle of each half of the court.
The first player in each line starts running towards the goal on the other side carrying one ball.
When reaching the defender he/she tries to ruse him/her and then continues to shoot at the goalkeeper.
The defenders should only move sideways.


  1. Let the defenders move lengthways in order to make it more difficult for the attacker.
  2. Let the two players switch balls in the middle by passing each other before reaching the defender.
    This requires that the players in the two lines start simultaneously.
  3. The goalkeeper starts with the ball and make the first pass to the player on the side.
  • Ruse the defender by for example rocking the cross or faking a pass.
  • The defender should always hold the cross with both hands.
  • The defender should stay on the toes in order to be able to quickly change direction.
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