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Number: 15
Exercise: Attack build-up 1
Skill level: Intermediate
Tactics: None.
Moments: Passing, Catching, Shooting, Stick handling
Place a ball collection on the side of each goal.
Start with players in two lines, one in each diagonal corner. Place one player on each side at the centre line (players B and D). The goalkeepers start with the ball. Makes the first pass out to the side where the first player in the line (players A and C) has started running. The player receives the pass and continues towards the centre line. Before reaching the centre line they pass the ball on to player B and D respectively, then taking their place.
Player B and D receive the ball and runs towards the goal and shoot, then taking last position in the opposite line.
  • The ball should be played in the "corridor" between the player and sideline.
    Make sure the players hold their cross the right way.
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