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From time to time I will here post some stories from my life.

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September 28th, 2003

Hello all Penguins!

Summer has ended and we're going into the dark period called winter. Winter is my favourite season.
The best thing about winter is that it is cold. This summer I almost melted! It didn't seem to be enough ice available for me to get comfortable.

Anyway, I did have some great moments though.
As I mentioned in my previous column I was down on Prince Edwards Island visiting my folks together with my new-found love Stella. We spent a few weeks down there before swimming up to Canada for the World Games.

We arrived in New York where we silently passed by the security checks without being seen.
They really need to improve the under-water security if they are to protect themselves from penguin terrorists.

Anyway, well in New York, Stella and I met up with the senior human penguins to take us out on a field trip.
The first destination was Jamestown, just south of Buffalo. This small town has very strong bonds with Sweden since many of the Swedes that immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century settled there.

The people of Jamestown was really friendly and we were all treated like kings. We stayed in the representational house of the local college, the Jamestown Community College, called "The Sheldon House".
The house was gorgeous and it came with a "butler" as well. I must say I have never been treated so kindly.

Just take a look at the pictures:

The Sheldon House, Jamestown

After two and a half intense days we left Jamestown for Niagara Falls. We decided to be good tourists and joined a sightseeing tour around the falls. The falls were really impressing, let's just say I was glad that I didn't take my uncle's bet about surfing down the falls.

From Niagara we continued along Lake Ontario towards the St Lawrence river and the thousand islands. We spent a night at the light house in Cape Vincent just where the river and Lake Ontario meet. The next day we continued our journey by ferry over to Kingston on the Canadian side and then along the river towards Montréal.

Our good friends Francis and Guillaume took very good care of us there as you can see on the pictures.

From Montréal we went straight out to Sherbrooke to look at the World Cup games. We also did some sightseeing in the Sherbrooke area, including a visit to a snow-mobile museum. How awsome is that!

Next, it was time for the World Games, and you all know what that is like.
No doubt the greatest event of the year.

During the World Games we visited the local penguin prison in Montréal. The humans call it the "Biodome".
This is where the biggest penguin terrorists are imprisoned. The worst part for the priosoners is no doubt to be on display for all those humans, all day long. They can't even go to the toilet without being seen!
Anyway, they all deserve it I can tell you!


On the closing ceremony of the games it was once again time for the infamous penguin awards.
This year everyone seemed to be very careful. There were no scandals whatsoever. We had no other choice but to let last year's winner of the Naughty award keep the title for yet another year.

However, the three awards that actually were presented was much easier. Penguin rookie of the year was awarded Manuela Küng from Switzerland. She is only fourteen years old but played like a veteran!
The special award for fair play was also very easy. It was given to Steve Gendre of France.

Finally, the grand prize was presented to José Guiot of Switzerland. Obviously, the first Penguin winner,
Urban Müller, has done a great job teaching the penguin spirit to the Swiss players.

When the games was over it was time to continue the journey south towards New York for a few days sightseeing before flying home. Here are some photos from my days in New York:

On the flight home I just had to make a visit to the whiskey shop at the airport. I was in heaven!

Well, this is all history now. We all need to wait another year for the next World Games in Sursee, Switzerland. The homeland of two penguin award winners. Now that must be a good sign!

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