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Number: 6
Exercise: Give and go 1
Skill level: Intermediate
Tactics: Attacking tactics: Give and go
Moments: Give and go, Passing, Catching, Direct shot
Depending on the number of players form one or two lines. The lines start from the corners diagonally facing each other.
Place one static passer in each of the empty corners. The first player in each line start running along the side without a ball holding his/her cross on the "outer" side. The second player in the line passes the ball to the first player who then continues with the ball over the centre line. Next, he/she pass the ball to the static passer, receives the return pass (give and go) and shoots.
Switch static passers after a while.

The first pass must always be made on the outer side.

When receiving the return pass from the static passer the shot should be made directly if possible.

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