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Number: 12
Exercise: Give and go 2
Skill level: Intermediate
Tactics: Attacking tactics: Give and go
Moments: Give and go, Passing, Catching, Shooting

Divide the players into two lines, one in each diagonal corner. Each player has one ball.
Place one static passer on each end of the centre line.
The first player in each of the lines starts running towards the goal on the opposite side.
After a few meters they pass the ball on to the static passer, receiving the return pass then continuing to the net for a shot.


  1. Add a static defender to increase the difficulty level.

  • The static passer should return the pass when the player has passed the centre line.
  • The shots should come early in order to train the goalkeepers more efficiently.
  • The players should hold their cross to the inside of the court (in front of the body) when receiving the pass.
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