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There are three typical ways to pick the ball up from the ground:


"Scooping" is the simplest and most frequently used technique when picking the ball up from the floor.
The motion is performed this way:

  1. Put the foot opposite to the side of the cross beside of the ball.
  2. Bend the knees and put the head of the cross on the ground with the opening facing upwards.
  3. Drag the cross towards the ball making it roll into the pocket.
  4. Finally you lift the cross and straighten the knees.

The movement is similar to using a shovel.

Frequent errors:

  • Not placing the basket on the ground.
  • Not leaning sufficiently
  • Not to bending the knees.
  • To hold the stick in a too steep of an angle.

Rolling + scooping

"Rolling + scooping" is a variant of the "Scooping" move used to pick the ball up.

The difference is that initially the tip of the cross is placed on the ball. Secondly the cross is moved backwards making the ball roll towards the body. The ball is then picked up using the scooping technique described above.


Indian pickup

The "indian pickup" is a famous and old technique used to pick the ball up quickly from the floor.
However it is a very difficult technique that requires a lot of practise.

It is performed by holding the cross with one hand placed at the end of the cross.
The top 10 centimetres of the cross is used to "hit" the ball on the ground making it roll towards you or to the side. Immediately after hitting the ball, the cross is rotated around the ball so that the opening is facing upwards.
The ball is now rolling into the cross. As a final step the cross is lifted making the ball roll into the pocket.

In order for this to succeed, all the moves described above must be performed quickly and in one continuous motion.

Below you can find a video showing how the indian pickup is performed:

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