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This section describes the following different stick control techniques:


"Rocking" is a move used for the following reasons:

  1. Feeling the ball in the cross.
  2. Keeping the ball in the cross.
  3. Feinting the opponent.

The move is performed by rotating the cross using the wrists.
First the cross is rotated about 120 degrees towards the body followed by a rotation back to the original position.

The rotation pushes the ball into the cross and also give the player a feeling of the ball's position in the cross.
Using the rotation technique therefore generally means improved ball control.

Side shift

A good intercrosse player of course knows how to play both on the right and left side of the body.
In many situations it is a considerable advantage to switch sides quickly.
A quick side shift gives you that little extra time to shoot or pass safely.

The side shift is performed by rotating the cross with the opening towards the body.
Simultaneously the cross is moved over to the other side.

These are the steps necessary to switch sides:

  1. Lower the grip slightly.
  2. Hold the cross with your fingers rather than the palm of the hand. Wrap the fingers around the shaft.
  3. Rotate the cross 360 degrees using your and fingers and wrist.
    The rotation should always be performed in such direction that the cross opening is turned towards the body.
  4. During the rotation, move the cross over to the other side.
    Keep the cross close to your body for maximum control.
  5. Just before the rotation is finished release the lower hand and move it above the upper hand.
  6. Adjust the grip.

This move is quite advanced but is undoubtedly the quickest way to switch sides.

When running this switch becomes even more efficient. By performing the above steps in one continuous motion and at the same time use the movement of the body you are ready to shoot immediately after the switch is made. So if you perform the switch correctly you may switch and shoot in a single motion.

Here are some common mistakes done when switching sides and some tips on how to correct them:

Problem: The ball pops out of the cross when moving the cross over to the other side.
How to correct: This is usually an indication that the player holds the cross too tightly.
Try loosen up the wrists. You can practise the move without a ball in front of a mirror.
Another possibility is that the cross is moved either too far from the body making it difficult to control or too close having it "collide" with the body.