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This section is dedicated to overall team tactics not directly related to defence or attack tactics.

Substitution of players

Substitution of players is a small but very important tactical move.
The first rule is to always change in attack. Changing in defence means the opponents get one man free and thus a great advantage in their attack.

Secondly it is often very effective to start an attack by substituting players. The player leaving the field quickly go to the bench where the new player enters the field and sneak past the opponents defence on the flank.
This is often a very effective tactic since the opponents often "forget" about the new player entering the field.

NOTE! It is important to keep the substitution legal.
The new player must not enter the field until the player leaving the field has touched the sideline and is within two meters from the bench.


The timeout is another useful tactical move to be used by each team once during a game.
Since the timeout is a limited "resource" its timing is extremely important.

Generally there are two times when the timeout should be used:

  1. When the opponent have a streak of several goals in a row.
  2. When the game is even and close to the end.
NOTE! Remember that it is only the team in possession of the ball that can call for a timeout.