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The 13th senior World Games was held in Prague, Czech Republic, August 3 - 6, 2000.
Around 80 players attended which formed a tournament of eight teams divided into the usual two groups.

Hotel Vltava
Group A Group B
Red Orange
Black Blue
Light blue Wine
Green Yellow
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The accommodation was in "Hotel Vltava" which is also where the closing party was held.
(The closing party in 1995 was in fact held in the same place.)

A short bus trip took the players to the halls at "Sport center SK Slavia Praha" where the games was played.
This is the same venue used during the World Games tournament in 1989 and 1995.

Because of the limited number of players the tournament was somewhat different than usual.
The final round of games was played in a "playoff" fashion which made it possible to end up last in the qualifying round but still win the tournament.

A lot of new players attended, all of which had already played the game for a while at home.
This helped the tournament to a higher level of competition than in previous years. The games were usually very fast and technically advanced.

The drawing of teams held on the first day (August 3rd) was also a success since the teams ended up very even in strength. Women was drawn first, then the non-Czech men and finally the Czech men because of the many Czech players.

World Games LogoThe next morning started with a short breakfast followed by the bus trip to the venue where the first two games in the qualifying round was played. After the games and the bus-trip back to the hotel, dinner was served followed by some free time for sightseeing in the beautiful city of Prague.

Saturday, August 5th went along in the same manner with the final qualifying game followed by the first game of the playoffs. Directly after the games a bus was ready to take all players to the Karlstein Castle outside Prague where a short guided tour was waiting followed by dinner in a restaurant nearby.
(Believe it or not, the restaurant actually ran out of beer and one-litre beer-glasses! :-) )

Sunday, August 6th hosted the final two games of the playoffs.
After dinner the closing ceremony was held at the hotel followed by a party with dancing and a lot of unforgettable moments.
The dancing started off by a hired dancer giving a "lap-dance" performance to an embarrassed Martin Beaulieu :-) and in front of an ecstatic crowd. Next each team held a dancing performance in front of the spectators.
A somewhat different kind of dancing no doubt.

Monday, August 7th was the time of departure and goodbyes.
A sad moment but an inevitable one.
This year however surely impressed a lot of new players who most certainly will be back again.